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This scheme was later adopted by the Tamilnadu Government and extended to the entire State. During his second term, he completed all the unfinished works and placed his village in the Indian map as a Model village. He made the systems to work well and improved the economy of his village. Now in and elections, he encouraged others to become the President.

Till date, his system continues. Elango feels that though India has around 2. Through this Academy, he has networked over Panchayat Presidents. By , he wants to help villages to become model villages and to train aspiring Panchayat leaders. Though people in and around his village respect him, he is not interested to join any political party and to contest for Assembly or Parliament elections. Mr Elango can be reached at panchayat yahoo.

After passing the graduation with a Gold Medal, Ramesh hailing from a poor family of Arathi Agraharam village of Salem District joined the articleship for Chartered Accountancy. In , when he admitted his elder sister for some serious illness at Chennai General Hospital, the indifferent and arrogant attitude of the doctors led to the death of his sister. That incident sparked in his mind to get a few doctors from his village to serve the poor people with humaneness. When he returned to his village, one poor girl Kasthuri with high marks had secured admission in a medical college.

After practising for two years, Kasthuri is now studying MS. On hearing the news that Ramesh helped Kasturi, many other poor students with high marks started approaching him for support. He got sponsorship from various donors. In the process, he was under confusion whether to pursue his Chartered Accountancy or to help the poor students. At the advice of another poor student Vetrivel, he chose to help the poor students for higher studies, sacrificing his Chartered Accountancy studies.

Incidentally, Vetrivel is now an IAS aspirant.

The journey was tough. Later many other sponsors also supported this initiative. Nearly students are pursuing degree and post graduate courses in various professional and technical institutions. A few of them are pursuing PhD also. Ramesh has arranged sponsorship for preparation of Civil Service Examinations too. Through this Foundation, Ramesh wants to give an identity to all poor students with higher Qualification.

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Out of students, 60 are from his small village. The others are from the neighbouring villages. More than 30 male students are living under a single roof, the accommodation provided by Mayor Mr Saidai Duraiswamy. All the beneficiary students have pledged to support poor students in the same way, after they get into employment. Dr Chandra Gupta 35 , when he was studying in a Dental College, Bangalore went to a tribal village for training.

As a student, he was pained to see how the poor people did not care for their dental hygiene. That prompted him to spend the weekends with the school children promoting the dental hygiene, even after his setting up private practice. He has also motivated some of his like minded doctors to do this service free of cost.

So far, he has conducted around dental camps free of cost in various schools and colleges. On an average, he conducts around 7 to 8 camps every month. Till date, nearly 2 lakh people have been screened by him. During the dental camps, he conducts a thorough dental screening, demonstrates correct brushing techniques, gives tips on dental hygiene.

In these days, when many of the doctors want to spend every minute of their time for making money, Dr Gupta wants to spend his leisure time with the children. While many NGOs and medical universities organise general health camps, dental camps are very rare. He used to visit villages around Chennai then and campaign for values and ethics. He even brought Anna Hazare in to some of the villages towards his mission.

At that time Anna Hazare was not popular in the nation and he was doing great service in the Ralegan Siddhi village at Maharashtra. Every year, he has been adding nearly small NGOs in this movement.

So far, he has brought together more than NGOs. These NGOs are working in different areas like health, rural development, education, anti-liquor campaign, etc. These NGOs are able to meet in small groups and get the support of each other.

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Prabhakar also suggests suitable NGOs, if a particular donor wants to utilize his money for a specific cause. J Prabhakar can be reached at jp. In the same page, he also read the story on the plight of blind people. That triggered a spark in his mind and he realised the purpose of his life. In most of the cases, he convinces them and takes the permission to remove the eyes of the deceased person. Immediately, he alerts the eye bank at Coimbatore and they remove the eyes of the deceased within six hours of the death.

Because of this, blind persons have got the vision free of cost. It is not that every time, he gets the support of the family members of the deceased person. He was also beaten up by some of the villagers and had to be hospitalized. On an average, he gets around 3 pairs of eyes every month. With his meagre income, he also spends around Rs. So far, he has secured nearly units of blood. He himself has donated blood 67 times.

His wife has also donated 30 times.

He loves the great leaders of India. Being a girl from a middle class, she could not contest due to her priorities of education. To add to her woes, she met with an accident in resulting in ligament injury with four major fractures. She was bed ridden for six months, which resulted in increase of 25 Kg to her weight.

She did not lose hope. Her family members and her lover Devadatta Mahapatra encouraged her to reduce her weight to compete as a beauty queen. It took nearly 4 years for her to shed this additional weight. Meanwhile in she got married to Devadatta Mahapatra, who encouraged her to contest Mrs India title. However she is hopeful of bagging Mrs International in In an exclusive interview to PreSense, she said that beauty was not in glamour, but dependent on many aspects, including health, family values, etc.

Though, she is required to campaign only for one year, she wants to continue for ever sincerely. Anna Hazare and Kiran Bedi have inspired her. Sushmita Sen is her role model for beauty pageants. She is working as a Software Engineer in a Multinational Company. She is also a popular Oddisi dancer. We also see many arm-chair suggestions and cynical comments through social media. They may also lose self-confidence and self-esteem. There are many good things happen around us silently.

Cynical and negative attitude spoils the health of the people. All positive approach and positive vibrations make everybody happy and healthy. Wikipedia story As you know wikipedia is a website that can be edited by anybody in the world. But no vandalism happens. All of us look at Wikipedia for our reference with more credibility. I asked him one question. Immediately, he replied to me saying, "The world is full of good people.

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If somebody vandalises in one part of the world, another person in another part puts it right. Wikipedia is the example of existence of good people". That reply made me to think a lot. Please also share this issue with your contacts. Editorial team of PreSense is pleased to release the th April edition of eMagazine broadly with the following contents: 1. Srinivasan writes on the impact of 'Hung Parliament' quoting past experiences. Srinivasan writes on the magnitude of the ongoing 17th General Elections and the challenges faced by Election Commission. Education : Dr R Jagannathan writes on the global scenario of higher education and research.

Astronomy : Dr R Jagannathan writes on the interesting facts about 'Black hole'. The eMagazine may also be downloaded from the link. Editorial Team is pleased to release the th March edition of eMagazine PreSense broadly with the following contents: PreSense congratulates Indian Scientists for making every Indian proud through Mission Sakthi.

He analyses whether social media would be the gamer changer. Nation: Doordarshan, our National broadcaster celebrates 60th Anniversary shortly. Technology : V Rajendran writes on 'Digital disputes'. Triambak Sharma's Prince cartoon. Editorial Team of eMagazine PreSense is pleased to release the th February edition of eMagazine PreSense broadly with the following contents: 1. Nation : T N Ashok writes on Doordarshan, which turns 60 during Triambak Sharma presents 3D Prince cartoon. Editorial Team is pleased to release the rd January issue of your eMagazine PreSense broadly with the following contents..

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We have brought out a special Editorial titled "Celebrate Heroes, Not Anti Heroes" appealing to all political parties to encourage young and vibrant leaders within their own ranks. We have covered the details in this edition. From this edition, Triambak Sharma is brining out the Prince cartoons in 3D format. Please enjoy the 3D cartoons in future. The eMagazine may be downloaded form the following link also. You may kindly give us your feedback to editor corpezine. Please share this edition with your contact. Editorial Team of eMagazine PreSense wishes all the readers and family members a very happy and prosperous New Year May the new year bring all prosperity to our Nation.

We are pleased to release the nd December issue of eMagazine PreSense with the following contents: 1. Technology : V Rajendran writes on Digital Signatures. Triambak's Prince cartoon. Editorial Team is pleased to release the st Nov edition of eMagazine PreSense with the following contents : 1. Editorial : Prime Point Srinivasan writes on the recent National Disasters and suggestions to reduce the impact in future.

Cover Story : Susan Koshy writes on the production of energy from toilet waste. The online travel market is more and more competitive and fierce. With hundreds of new book websites coming out every week, is it really possible for a small European-based hotel booking website to really compete? Read on fior answers by Onlyrooms.

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