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Nice job, everyone! Dec 05, Lisa Rector rated it really liked it Shelves: quick-read , scottish-romance , romance , sci-fi , different , first-reads , vampires , fantasy , fun , romantic-fantasy. This anthology has many gems! Some of my favorite stories are Happy Wenceslas, Sir!

A love undefined

The great thing about this anthology is the reader gets bit of everything, from sci-fi and fantasy to contemporary romance. And many of the stories are written is such unique ways, from the perspective of a diary or a letter and another has Scottish brogue. So imaginative! And every story of course has romance. Reader Rated f This anthology has many gems! Clean language. Apr 01, Teya Peck rated it really liked it. This is a kaleidoscope of really interesting love stories. The title really is the definition of these love stories.

I like how each story was separated by the author's information it helped break up each story so it didn't seem to run together. Also when putting an anthology together it needs to start with one that pulls you into the book. This was not easy for me with the first story, which I still think I need to reread myself with out the kindle reading it to me. Just keep that in mind when This is a kaleidoscope of really interesting love stories. Just keep that in mind when you keep reading my review. I think I need to read it a few more time to get this story.

I already restarted it twice. I think it has to do with a former vet but I got kind of lost a lot. Linn Murphy: Loved it! So sweet and tender. I love the come-back. Great short story with connection and understanding. I mean I was laughing, aaahhhhing, and aweing all in the same fast weird story.

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I at first thought this is way too fast there is no way they can fall in love that fast and then the conflict hit. Well done.

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This was a weird, intensely sweet hewoman, heman type story. Strong, honorable, sweet, and loving. I really enjoyed it the first time and it was even better this time. I really liked it. It was fantasy mixed with a love story.

Love Undefined

Thank you! David Belt: Woah! This is an interesting twist on a vampire love story. I liked it in a weird way, which is the way I think it was meant to be taken. Good job David. I liked this one. Good job! Although good and well written a use for each word. It seemed too short. I loved it then and I love it more now.

Dreaming of your future in reverse. Then live it forward. So intriguing. To the point. Dec 05, Elissa rated it really liked it. I enjoyed this book of short story romances.

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I loved that the stories ranged from sci fi to fantasy to realistic fiction. Dec 23, Nari rated it really liked it. The stories in this collection were great. I enjoyed everyone. The was a lot of variety and different genres. My only complaint is they were very short. Jan 11, Karen rated it really liked it. Great stories.

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With gratitude in our hearts, life becomes richer and more joyful. Many of our troubles could be eliminated if we could focus more on the blessings received and be grateful to God. Thanksgiving is gratitude in action. An attitude of Gratitude brings healing and wholeness. We have heard of persons suffering from terminal illness being healed because of their positive attitude and spirit of thankfulness to the Lord. Besides thanking God for all the favours received, we need to be grateful to our fellow human beings for all the favours and services received and reciprocated.

More than ever we need to develop a sense of gratitude to our Mother Earth for providing for all our needs. The greatest challenge ahead of us is to protect and sustain the scarce resources for the future generation. President Theodore Roosevelt was very near sighted and always carried two pairs of glasses, one for short sight and the other long.

While speaking in Milwaukee during his last political campaign, he was shot by a man named Shrenk. Roosevelt was hurt, but was able to finish his speech uninterrupted. Later while a surgeon was examining his wound, he discovered that the steel spectacle case in his vest pocket had deflected the bullet from hitting his heart. Yet God used it to save my life. Note: Stories of this kind abound in history. Nothing happens by chance and everything has a purpose.

Where India stood for hundred percent responsibilities on all individual manifestations, the West shouted for If it is the evenings that are important in the West, it is the mornings that are precious in India. I cannot think of a morning skipped without a silent meditation or some thinking over the mud I need to remove that day. It is said that every morning we have two choices, continue to sleep with our dreams or wake up to chase them.

If we choose to rise up and chase our dreams, we will have two more choices; chase our dreams until we reach them or until we are totally exhausted. Those who believe that they deserve those dreams only are likely to keep chasing and reaching them. Much before a huge building is built, the designer brings the probable shape into his imagination and then only he draws the skeleton on paper which passes to structural engineers for construction procedures. Imagination thought , word, action are the three steps of all manifestations. It also is the best time to will our dreams into comfortable time frames of creation.

As we proceed, it is this clarity that is going to help us access a perfect manifestation. A day without a morning is virtually dead. Just before leaving for my first visit to the state, I developed a severe pain in my wisdom tooth. I consulted a senior dentist who advised immediate extraction of the tooth and called me the next day.

Though I had crossed 44, my teeth had been in a good condition. So I consulted another dentist friend who advised me to wait for some time more as the pain could be managed with the help of medicines. Somehow the election duty was carried out without much difficulty. The problem became acute once again next year and this time again, the dentist advised extraction of the wisdom tooth. He told me that there was no function of wisdom teeth after a certain age and that I need not be unduly concerned about losing one of them. I wanted to know the reason for these teeth being called wisdom teeth.

He told me that these teeth grow after crossing the teens, i. This information was enough for me to contemplate over the matter and I arrived at certain conclusions which I am going to share here. Human Life has always been divided in four phases. Assuming an ideal lifespan of years each phase comes to about 25 years. However, in real life, a good lifespan may be taken as about 80 years. So each phase of life is of about 20 years.

Those who wish to acquire anything in life have to remain disciplined and work hard during this period. The full meaning of life is hardly understood in this period. In a way it is good also. If life is understood in totality during this period, perhaps the urge to learn and acquire knowledge would be lost. Acquisition of mundane knowledge during this period is essential to successfully live the subsequent phases of life. This phase is like the running of an aeroplane on the ground before take-off. If sufficient speed is not acquired on the runway, the plane cannot take off and at times may meet with an accident.

The second phase of life is the most difficult one and can be compared to the take-off of an aeroplane. During this phase, one has to rise above the ground and achieve worldly success. Maximum energy is consumed during this period and the knowledge acquired during the first phase of life is to be applied. One comes across a variety of experiences and we gain maturity and wisdom as a result of these interactions. While in the first phase of our life, one only acquires knowledge and remains on ground, in the second phase one acquires wisdom and gains height.

That is why the wisdom teeth grow only in the early twenties. Their appearance thus indicates that the time for acquiring wisdom has come.

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The acquisition of wisdom has also to come to an end. A period of years in the second phase of life should be sufficient for a person to understand life fully and to acquire wisdom. It is like acquiring full height by an aeroplane during a flight. After acquiring this height, there is no need of going higher and the acquired height should be enjoyed.

Love Undefined

In human life this stage should reach at the age of years and one should be able to grow fully wise by this time. At this stage, there is no need of wisdom teeth and that is why they are no more required. I feel that this could be the reason behind these teeth being called wisdom teeth. Having grown wise, one enters the third phase of life. For a truly wise person life should become smooth in this phase and he should be able to enjoy it like an aeroplane journey in the third stage.

There is no need of any imposed restrictions in this phase and the gains of life are to be shared. A wise person should share his acquisitions including wisdom for his inner expansion as the outer expansion is no more required. If one does not share, in all probability he is heading for a miserable fourth phase of life. The fourth phase of life is like the landing of an aeroplane. In this phase the acquired height is to be lost in order to land safely. If it is not done, a crash is inevitable. It means that a time comes in life when even wisdom has to be transcended.

After all, in this cycle of birth and death, there are others in the queue and one should voluntarily make way for them. If one does not do so, he will either be pushed or crushed. A truly wise person should avoid this situation. One has to give up everything for a happy end. Thus the four phases of life are the phases of acquiring knowledge, acquiring wisdom, sharing wisdom and transcending wisdom. Mahatma Gandhi went from city to city, village to village collecting funds for the Charkha Sangh.

Love Undefined

During one of his tours, he addressed a meeting in Orissa. After his speech a poor old woman got up. She was bent with age, her hair was grey and her clothes were in tatters. The volunteers tried to stop her but she fought her way to the place where Gandhiji was sitting. Then from the folds of her sari she brought out a copper coin and placed it at his feet.

Gandhiji picked up the copper coin and put it away carefully. The Charkha Sangh funds were under the charge of Jamnalal Bajaj. He asked Gandhiji for the coin but Gandhiji refused.