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He also became a leading member of the Berlin Secession and, in , was appointed to the Berlin Academy of Arts. During this period he illustrated such fine books as Ali Baba , Lederstrumpf and Goethe's Faust The art of Max Slevogt is today included in most major German museums. Tigers is an outstanding example of Slevogt's highly regarded art.

Employing the minimum of lines he portrays the lion in three distinct studies, which unify the completed image in their delineations of both the actual animal and its emotional and psychological state of being. Tigers was commissioned by the fine arts publication, Die Moderne graphik , and published by them in a limited edition of two hundred impressions.

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Chapel Hill Jahrhundert Die Schiefertafel. Newark Jackie Coogan , Lon Chaney. Thought lost for half a century until found in Yugoslavia in the s. Film was restored over a thirty-year period from the original camera negatives at the George Eastman House. Three Live Ghosts. Chester Franklin. Anna May Wong , Kenneth Harlan. Film partially found, surviving footage and still pictures were merged to make an incomplete film. The Call of the Canyon. Richard Dix. Monte Blue , Irene Rich. Rediscovered in New Zealand Film Archive in Video of preserved print available for online viewing.

The Eternal Struggle. Love, Life and Laughter. George Pearson. The White Shadow. Harmon F. The Breaking Point. The City Without Jews. Found by collector in Paris flea market, Restored by Filmarchiv Austria, via crowd-funding. John Bowers , Clara Bow. Peg o' the Mounted.

A print was discovered amongst the holdings of the Nederlands Filmmuseum. It was screened in in Georgetown, South Carolina, where it was filmed. Secrets of the Night. James Kirkwood Sr. Venus of the South Seas. James R. Restored by Library of Congress in Last reel of minute film is in Prizmacolor. The Clash of the Wolves. A 35mm projection print was uncovered in South Africa and repatriated to the United States. It underwent restoration and preservation in Keep Smiling. Albert Austin , Gilbert Pratt.

Seven Sinners. Clive Brook , Marie Prevost. A private collector obtained the film, Milestone's first feature, from a closed-down cinema in Melbourne. Bardelys the Magnificent. The Devil's Circus. Norma Shearer , Charles Emmett Mack. Thought to have been lost, [] a print of The Devil's Circus was found and has been preserved by George Eastman House. George Dewhurst. Thought lost until a nitrate print was discovered in the Library of Congress in Ko-Ko's Queen. It is an Out of the Inkwell cartoon, in which Koko the Clown designs his ideal woman.

Mare Nostrum. Antonio Moreno , Alice Terry. Masao Inoue , Yoshie Nakagawa. Found by the director in his garden shed in ; he had buried it during World War II and forgotten it, but a third of the original footage is still missing. The Cave of the Silken Web. A Diary of Chuji's Travels. Originally released in three parts, all of which were long thought to be lost until portions of the second part and much of the third part were discovered and restored in Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.

Tom Santschi , Wanda Hawley. One of three silent films made by Tacoma, Washington based studio H. Weaver Productions. Screened in Tacoma on September 18, The restoration of the extant footage was screened in New York City in The film has since been referred to as the first anti-imperialist film.

Marshall Neilan. Believed lost until a print surfaced in Prague in the s.

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Both versions were then edited into one cut to get as near the original version as possible. Mickey's Circus. This was Rooney's first starring role. Sorrell and Son. Warner , Anna Q. Tarzan and the Golden Lion. Discovered in New Zealand in among 75 silent films being returned to the US, many of which were thought lost. Why Girls Love Sailors. Winner of the first Academy Award for Best Picture.

In , five 16mm film reels of a film without the original titles, labeled as "El Hijo del otro" "The son of another" were found in Argentina. Copies of the film were kept in the archive of the Museum of Cinema in Buenos Aires. Edward Sedgwick , Buster Keaton. The last print was presumed destroyed in the MGM vault fire. A complete print was discovered in Paris in A second, incomplete but better-quality print surfaced in The Constant Nymph.

Ivor Novello , Benita Hume.

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The film was found as a result of a British Film Institute campaign to locate missing movies. A complete print was discovered in Argentina in Cartoon film made by Disney recovered in in the Huntley Film Archives. Produced by Howard Hughes , and long thought lost until a print was found in his vault after his death.

The Passion of Joan of Arc. Maria Falconetti.

The truncated reissue was thought all that remained, until a complete version was found in in the closet of a Norwegian mental institution. Originally, the film was presumed to be lost. However, according to the Library of Congress Database, the film was found in the Netherlands in Produced by Howard Hughes , and discovered following his death in his private collection.

Walt Disney , Ub Iwerks. An Oswald the Lucky Rabbit cartoon film thought to be lost, but discovered in An Our Gang film thought to be lost, but discovered in Alice White , Donald Reed. John Francis Dillon. Colleen Moore , Antonio Moreno. Hold Everything. For decades, no print was thought to survived and Vitaphone Sound Disc were thought to be only element that remained. The original Technicolor however still remains missing.

Bed and Breakfast. Thought to be lost until a complete print was discovered in the s. Footage from the final reel stored at the UCLA Film and Television Archive and all the Vitaphone soundtrack discs for this Technicolor film were originally thought to be the only elements from the film to survive. A complete print of the film, running nine reels, and four soundtrack discs were discovered in Australia in The only known surviving Bolivian film of the silent era.

Discovered in a La Paz basement in , it required over a decade of restoration and was not released until Street Across. Vladimir Suteev , Lev Atamanov. The original name is "Pinwheel", also known as "The Sleep of a Transport Official", is a Soviet propaganda animated film of Debut in the animation of a famous director, children's writer and illustrator Vladimir Suteev.

The first Soviet original sound cartoon. The cartoon was thought to be lost until found in the Czech film archives. This Spanish-language version was made at night, while Tod Browning's Dracula was filmed during the day, using the same sets. It was considered lost until a print was rediscovered in the s. Love and Duty. The Smiling Lieutenant. Made for a charity, film was discovered in the s in the UK under its alternate title The Slippery Pearls.

Another print was later found in the US under the alternative title. The Old Dark House. Thought lost for decades; filmmaker Curtis Harrington discovered a print in the Universal Studios vault, which was restored by Eastman House. Stuart Rome , John Longden. Berkeley Square. For many years, Deluge was thought to be a lost film, but a print dubbed in Italian was found in a film archive in Italy in the late s. Before the discovery, the only part of the film known to have survived was the impressive footage of the tidal wave destroying New York City, which was used in the Republic Pictures serials Dick Tracy vs.

Crime, Inc. Boris Karloff , Ernest Thesiger. A damaged and incomplete copy was found in Czechoslovakia in the s, but a nearly-pristine print was located in the archives of the British Film Institute. Ted Healy , The Three Stooges. Long thought to be lost, a print of this chain gang drama was found in mid and was screened by the American Cinematheque in Hollywood in October of that year. Ojo Okichi Miss Okichi. This film did not actually appear in official filmographies of Mizoguchi until a print was discovered in the vaults of Shochiku studios in Der Sieg des Glaubens.

A copy was found in Britain in the s. The comedy turned up as a result of the British Film Institute's drive to find missing films. Murzilka in Africa. Yevgeny Gorbach , Semyon Guetsky. Soviet propaganda animated film, made in the Ukrainian factory "Ukrainfilm" in Kyev. The cartoon is made in the technique of animated animation. The film was considered lost until August 6, It is now available on YouTube. Hitler's Reign of Terror. Of Human Bondage. Leslie Howard , Bette Davis. The negative was discovered to have been destroyed in when actress Kim Novak requested a print.

A copy was recovered several years later. Charlie Chan in Paris. Tag der Freiheit: Unsere Wehrmacht. Thought to have been lost following World War II, an incomplete print running 28 minutes was discovered in the s. Yowamushi Chinsengumi. A recording of traditional Irish storytelling , and the earliest Irish language sync sound film.

A fire was believed to have destroyed all copies in , but a nitrate print was discovered in in Harvard University 's Houghton Library. A restored 35mm version was premiered in Kliou the Tiger. The first feature film shot in Indochina and the last commercially released American silent film. It was also the last American feature film to use the 2-color Technicolor process. A black and white print recovered from the collection of Jerry Haber in the early s. Charles Farrell , Mary Maguire. The first eight of nine reels were saved by an Australian office worker who noticed a truck loaded with film cans driving past his window on its way to dispose of them.

He gave chase in his car and rescued the film, which included the incomplete print of The Flying Doctor. Two years later, the shortened British version was discovered. Despite this print having been "totally rearranged", its eighth and last reel was found to take up exactly where the Australian one left off. The first film to be directed by the then year-old Italian director Mario Monicelli , with the pseudonym of Michele Badiek.

Never published for theatrical release, was thought to be a lost film until , when some fragments were discovered in the editor's personal archive. The film was thought lost in a fire at Welles' home in Spain; footage was found in Pordenone , Italy, and restored at George Eastman House for premiere in October It was finished in July and shown twice in Paris, but Francoist regime applied pressure to censor it. All known copies were destroyed in World War II. A copy was found and the film was released again in In Spain, it wasn't screened until Jean Gabin , Jules Berry , Arletty.

For a time, it was thought that the French film had been lost completely, but copies reappeared in the s. Ralph Richardson , Flora Robson. A short film made in to promote an ex-servicemen's charity. It was shelved because of the start of World War II and wasn't shown publicly, nor was it even mentioned by Powell in his autobiography. A copy was found in and it had its first public screening in the UK in , 65 years after it was completed. Maurice Schwartz Julius Adler. A print was anonymously donated to the Hong Kong Film Archive in Kampf um Norwegen — Feldzug Martin Rikli Werner Buhre.

Considered a lost film for many years. The Berlin Bundesarchiv held only a few clips of the film. However, a complete nitrate copy of the film surfaced on an Internet auction in The Norwegian college professor and media expert Jostein Saakvitne discovered this and purchased the copy. Swiss Family Robinson. Thomas Mitchell , Edna Best. Walt Disney bought the rights to the film, because he didn't want people comparing it with his version. Rey Scott. An extant print of this Academy Award -winning documentary was located by Hawaiian filmmaker Robin Lung.

Olga Tschechowa , Siegfried Breuer. Believed to be lost until the late s, the film had its premiere on March 2, , in Berlin. Welcome, Mr. A wartime drama, Welcome, Mr. Washington was listed as one of the British Film Institute 's " 75 Most Wanted " lost films for some years. Japan's first feature animated film.

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Presumed to have been confiscated and burnt by the American occupation , but a negative was found in Shochiku 's vault in Most prints, including the original negatives, were destroyed by request of King Features Syndicate owners of the character , but a 16mm print of the film in black and white with French subtitles was found on eBay and uploaded to YouTube in Rivette's first short film, long believed to be lost until Rivette's widow found a copy in their apartment shortly after Rivette's death in The only known 35mm print is in a private archive in the UK. Rivette's second short film, long believed to be lost until Rivette's widow found a copy in their apartment shortly after Rivette's death in Released by Renown Pictures in Rivette's third short film, long believed to be lost until Rivette's widow found a copy in their apartment shortly after Rivette's death in The Tell-Tale Heart.

It is now digitally restored and is available to watch online. Small Town Story. The Noble Experiment. Duke Moore , Dudley Manlove. Found and restored in , premiered in at the Slamdance Film Festival. Second Fiddle. Ben Carruthers , Lelia Goldoni. Cassavetes showed a first version of his film only a handful of times, then scrapped it and re-shot the movie entirely. Private Property.