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Well, I found in principle two workable solutions: You can get a temporary car insurance from the local custom office. It is valid for a limited period of time I believe 2weeks or one month and it is rather expensive Contact NVC in Basel www. This is a broker company with many years of experiences with insuring imported cars. They managed to insure my car via Zurich insurance, even though Zurich alone refused it.

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And the quote was actually cheaper that what I got from other competitors e. Basler Versicherung. So there was no price increase when I went via this broker. Interesting, right?. I happily drove my car for the next three months on NJ number plates. The next challenge was to get the car registered in Switzerland and get Swiss number plates. So, I copied my title, registration, forms I got the invitation the very next day and I thought everything was just fine. It was not. The orange light did not bother the inspector. I also saw many cars with orange headlamps driving in Switzerland with Swiss number plates.

It appears that real issue is only with Xenon lights. But I failed. He could not see any document showing the top speed of my vehicle. Indeed, my Honda specification does not present this info and all my efforts showing him data from the internet confirming the top speed did not have any effect on him. All I had to do was some paperwork.

Taxes and paperwork

So I consulted the car manual, looked under the hood and identified the engine number. Top speed of the vehicle.

Now that turned out to be a really painful one in case of my Honda. My NJ dealer did not respond to my e-mails at all. German Honda importer was a bit more helpful and referred me to few Honda offices that could help. So I contacted one dealer after another but all I got was a negative response.

Muscle Car Import USA Germany

Alex von Haller alexvonhaller american-automobile. So I did sent them my desperate e-mail and on the very next day they phoned me and suggested a brilliant and a cheap solution. The speed testing cost was 80 CHF. Check, check, check! They also measured the noise level of my car and that was it. I passed. Two days later I went to the MFK office, showed the technical report, again all the forms, proof of insurance sent directly to the MFK by the insurer via e-mail surrendered the title, registration and NJ number plates, PAID the fee and got my brand new Swiss number plates!

From my side the key take away points are: If you own your car for more than 6 months than you pay zero import tax and duty. Make sure you get from Either from the local dealer or boys from the TCS will do it for you. Unless you have xenon lights or some exotic modifications your car is very likely to pass the technical inspection Make sure the inspector can find the engine number it is not the VIN number Sort out your car insurance via nvc.

Importing a Vehicle

Import tax and duty: 0 CHF 1. MFK inspection: MFK Inspection: The final verdict: Would I do it again? I hope you find this info useful. VFR on top. I admire your tenacity and problem solving skills. Is this your first rodeo overseas? When I imported my wife's Fiat from Germany, about 25 years ago, my problem was the engine type had never been imported before. The MFK at Fribourg told me to ask my garage to write to Fiat in Italy, and get the pollution figures for the engine type, which they did. The car then passed the MFK with a fresh pollution control document.

I imagine if your local Honda dealer was co-operative he could have written to Honda in Europe, and asked them for the rated top speed. You didn't mention the CoC Certificate of Compliance which has stumped other members. However, well done ISta and thanks for a comprehensive report. Awesome post. The "top speed" issue is also a great example of John Lennon's "There are no problems", only solutions" quote. It might require a bit of perseverance in some cases Very detailed. I am sure it will help someone else at a later date. Concerning the xenon lights - "It appears that real issue is only with Xenon lights".

You had the pop-up spray system already on the car? You didn't say. I understand that you have to have the washer system or they will not pass the car. And one other thing to keep in mind. You can not sell the car within one year or they will come back to you for the import duty and taxes. This user would like to thank Verbier for this useful post: Sbrinz. Hi all, Thank you very much for the positive feedback.

I hope my story will help other people importing their cars from the US. There were some additioal questions posted by other members so I try to address them in this post. Xenon lights. No, Indo not have them installed on my car. Yes, thebkey issue is that one needs to have washers installed when importing a car with xenon lights. This xenon matter made me do some research and worry about the orange light in the high beam that is a standard in the US. But it turned out to be absolutely ok, the only thing MFK technicians checked they seem to control it for ALL vehicles, domestic or imported was the light intensity.

CoC certificate of conformity : it was not needed; however they needed other evidence of "conformity", i. It is in German though I trust that helps. The following 2 users would like to thank ISta for this useful post: logo , Treverus. Yes, one can use a foreign driver's license for a period of one year, than one needs to replace it with the Swiss one.

Why were the MFK inspection costs so high? Was it a special inspection? I did wonder if I could pass the MFK with a flat headlamp pattern using the adjuster for foreign driving but I made the mod to LHD before the test anyway. For the full-beam I believe the requirements are quite lax. I believe it might be the case that they simply can't be too low. BTW, what was the max speed? This is an incredibly helpful post, thank you.

I apologize in advance if I missed these details but: 1. So, your Honda passed emissions tests? I am thinking of bringing a Honda CRV. We love this car -- it is "just right" for us. Is there anyway to know ahead of time whether it would pass emissions standards in Switzerland? Thank you, Mike.

Legal Ownership

Very informative post indeed! One consideration though: if you are to sell the car later in Switzerland be prepared to take a big hit on price vs Swiss or even EU spec cars. So you should not make your calculations based on average price in web - US spec cars are not on top of buyer wishlist although better than RHD Of course if half the price in US probably still makes a lot of sense financially Thank you, thank you, thank you a million times for this post!!

We are in the process of importing our car from NJ to Zurich it arrives next week and I have been completely confused about what to do when it gets here. Some modifications may also need to be carried out before the car can legally be driven in Britain, such as the fitment of amber indicator lenses — but more on that below. A UK driving license or passport for the former and current utility bill for the latter will be fine.

Importing the car through a business? You must provide proof of your business address. Not got any of these forms, or the car was registered outside of the EU? This can be sent to the DVLA only via cheque or postal order; frustratingly, there is no online payment system as of yet. The Motorious beta is now available to all users. Learn more about what this means. Read Buy Sell. Home Features Classics. By Motorious Staff May 16, Shop Classics.

Requirements for Importing Your Car to the USA - Ship Overseas

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