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Ce palais est, pour tous ceux qui y travaillent et le font vivre, un outil exceptionnel au service du rayonnement de la France. Ce bel objet est aussi un bel outil. Il est aussi ouvert aux visites neuf fois par semaine. Le dernier en date Camarade la lutte continue! Il est triste de penser que M. Georges Clemenceau, 20 octobre , Singapour. Bonne visite! Romain Rolland, La Vie de Ramakrishna , Alexandre Ziegler Ambassadeur de France en Inde. La collection Les volumes Les auteurs Les partenaires. Ambassade de France en Inde Singapour.

Elisseeff Danielle Danielle Elisseeff est historienne et sinologue. Robins Anthony W. Hachi Omar. His fame grew when the actor Bourvil sang Lapointe's song Aragon et Castille in the film Poisson d'avril. This marked the start of a career that saw Lapointe perform at major venues throughout France. Lapointe was also a mathematician, and developed the bi-bi-binary system also known as the bibi system in Last edited by Romain on Fri Aug 08, am, edited 5 times in total.

I hope you come back to it! Everyone you meet fights a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. From the very beginning of his career, critics have considered Gotainer as something of a 'class clown', but in fact the philosophy behind his songs is often far more serious than it appears. Half-serious, half-ambiguous and always extremely funny, Richard Gotainer is certainly a true original in the music world!

Richard Gotainer was born in Paris in the city's 12th arrondissement on 30 March In the 60's Richard developed an interest in film and music, becoming a passionate Beatles fan. His parents were none too keen on him launching an artistic career, however, so to appease them Richard enrolled at law school where he would study for the next five years. Richard did not devote himself to law entirely, however. He spent much of his free time travelling and picking up odd student jobs here and there.

In the 70's Richard began to spend more and more time working for advertising agencies. With his witty sense of humour and his apparently limitless flow of creative ideas, the work continued to flow in over the next few years. Indeed, advertising agencies jumped on the brilliant young man who was capable of coming up with hundreds of catchy advertising slogans at the drop of a hat.

Yet, in spite of his phenomenal success in the advertising world, Richard soon grew tired of his copywriting job. The talented young musician soon set to work writing music and creating special sound effects, in the hope of using these together with his slogans. But Richard's wacky style was judged too 'creative' for the advertising world. However, it did catch the eye of an adventurous young director by the name of Jacques Gaudillat.

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Discovering that they were on the same wavelength, Gotainer and Gaudillat left their respective agencies and created their own company, Gatkess. The pair's off-the-wall humour and crazy visual style scored an enormous hit in the French advertising world and Gotainer's jingles went on to become some of the most famous catch-phrases on French TV in the 70's. This was back in when, besides writing jingles and advertising slogans, Gotainer was also experimenting on the music scene. The pair hit it off immediately and Gotainer showed Engel the impressive collection of songs he had already written.

Engel began setting the lyrics to music and within a few months the pair had enough material to go into the studio and record their first album, "Forgeur de tempo". Released in , "Forgeur de tempo" proved a huge hit with the critics who loved Gotainer's ironic lyrics and the album's funny cartoon-style ambience. The trio then returned to the studio and set to work on a second album entitled "Contes de traviole" - an album which really confirmed the talent of the budding young singer Gotainer!

Needless to say, Gotainer's vocals soon went on to make their mark on the French music scene after the release of the best-selling single "Tout foufou", which proved to be just the first in a whole string of hits. Richard Gotainer soon found himself much in demand - for, in November of that year veteran French rocker Eddy Mitchell also invited the rising young star to support him at the Olympia the most prestigious music venue in Paris!

While Gotainer was supporting Eddy Mitchell at the Olympia, his new single "Primitif" was also making its way to the top of the French charts. Riding high on a wave of success, Gotainer soon followed this smash with a whole string of hit singles such as "Chipie" and "Le Sampa". His popularity amongst the French public was soaring, and audiences were going wild for his performances on French TV. Gotainer returned to the studio in to record a third album entitled "Chants Zazous". This album found the singer experimenting with a new musical direction, playing down his 'crazy', fun-loving side and performing a collection of songs which were much more tender and romantic although still written in collaboration with his faithful songwriting partner Claude Engel.

The Zazou Show The following year Gotainer gave full rein to his singing talent and his creative imagination when he performed at the Olympia 8 - 13 March His "Show Zazou", a sumptuous stage extravaganza featuring backing singers, dancers, wild costumes and spectacular lighting effects, proved an enormous hit with the French public. Then, in the autumn of '83, Gotainer set off on a triumphant tour, playing 12 dates up and down the country, before performing a final grand finale in Paris. This highly original album reflected Gotainer's success in both the advertising and the music world and featured a mix of 85 of his jingles and comic sketches.

Last edited by Romain on Tue Nov 18, pm, edited 5 times in total. Having had a quite unhappy childhood, he quickly encountered issues at school. Developing a great deal of imagination at that time and already with a rebellious streak, he started writing songs with a couple of friends at the early age of He later managed to make it through university, where a friendly collaboration with the folk-influenced Tony Carbonare began.

In and , he released two new sets of material like two parts of a diptych,Tentation du Bonheur and Le Bonheur de la Tentation. Nataf, stepping out somewhat uncharacteristically with his most visible comeback to date. After a four year hiatus he released his sixteenth studio album Supplement de Mensonges in Last edited by Romain on Wed Jul 15, am, edited 6 times in total. Set in ancient times on the island of Ceylon, the opera tells the story of how two men's vow of eternal friendship is threatened by their love for the same woman, whose own dilemma is the conflict between secular love and her sacred oath as a priestess.

The friendship duet "Au fond du temple saint", generally known as "The Pearl Fishers Duet", is one of the best-known numbers in Western opera. At the time of the premiere, Bizet was 25 years old and had yet to establish himself in the Parisian musical world.

Despite a good reception by the public, press reactions to the work were generally hostile and dismissive, although other composers, notably Hector Berlioz, found considerable merit in the music. The opera was not revived in Bizet's lifetime, but from onwards it was performed with some regularity in Europe and North America, and from the midth century has entered the repertory of opera houses worldwide.

Because the autograph score was lost, post productions were based on amended versions of the score that contained significant departures from the original. Since the s, efforts have been made to reconstruct the score in accordance with Bizet's intentions.

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Modern critical opinion has been kinder than that of Bizet's day. Commentators describe the quality of the music as uneven and at times unoriginal, but acknowledge the opera as a work of promise in which Bizet's gifts for melody and evocative instrumentation are clearly evident. They have identified clear foreshadowings of the composer's genius which would culminate, 10 years later, in Carmen.

Since the work has been recorded on numerous occasions, in both the amended and original versions.

Last edited by Romain on Sun Feb 09, pm, edited 2 times in total. It was released as the first single from the album and reached number one for four weeks in a row in the Italian Singles Charts, as well as number three in the French charts and number seven in the Belgian Record Charts. French artist Manu Chao collaborated on the song and played guitar. By second album Du Ciment Sous les Plaines , the band's harder, more punk-inspired elements began to come to the fore, and the progression remained on 's Tostaky.

The band continued throughout the early s, releasing albums every couple years. In , lead singer Bertrand Cantat was charged in the death of his girlfriend, actress Marie Trintignant, who died -- on August 1 that year -- of head injuries after being punched by Cantat in a domestic dispute.

Cantat was convicted of manslaughter and incarcerated for four years. The duo and their management team eventually signed Tellier to their own Record Makers imprint. His next record didn't appear until The following year Tellier re-recorded a batch of his songs acoustically and released them under the title Sessions though in the U. For his next record, Sexuality, Tellier signed up Daft Punk's Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo as producer and ended up with a more slickly electronic sound than heard on his previous outings. The first single from the record, "Divine," was chosen as France's entry in the Eurovision contest.

Though he didn't win, his appearance and the controversy surrounding it many French commentators felt that the English lyrics of the song meant it wasn't "French" enough to represent the nation boosted his profile around the world. In Tellier released an album of remixes of songs from Sexuality titled Sexuality Remix.

He returned with new material in with My God Is Blue, a spiritually minded set of songs that featured a collaboration with de Homem-Christo on the title track. The following year saw the release of Confection, a collection of romantic instrumentals similar to his earliest albums. Censored version :. Last edited by Romain on Tue Feb 17, pm, edited 2 times in total. Interesting picks you've made, not all songs are favourite nor did I know about all of them before you posted them but definitely worth checking out! Keep up the good work! I just want to put songs not very well known, and the more various possible, old and new.

Can I ask you the songs you have discovered? Not only a brilliant manipulator of language and a feted poet in his own right, Brassens was also renowned for his subversive streak, satirizing religion, class, social conformity, and moral hypocrisy with a wicked glee.

Yet beneath that surface was a compassionate concern for his fellow man, particularly the disadvantaged and desperate. Though he was a skilled songwriter, Brassens had little formal musical training, and he generally kept things uncomplicated -- simple melodies and spare accompaniment from a bass and second guitar. Along with Jacques Brel, he became one of the most unique voices on the French cabaret circuit, and exerted a tremendous influence on many other singers and songwriters of the postwar era. His poetry and lyrics are still studied as part of France's standard educational curriculum.

His deeply religious mother encouraged him to play the mandolin, and taught him some of the Italian folk songs she'd grown up with; intellectually, however, Brassens wound up taking after his staunchly anti-religion father.

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Brassens soon spent his free time writing poetry and song lyrics, the latter of which he typically set to popular melodies of the time. He also formed a small musical group called Jazz, which played local functions with Brassens as the drummer. Unfortunately, Brassens was expelled from school in after inadvertently getting mixed up in a jewel theft on campus. He first went to work for his father's masonry business, then went to Paris in to live with his aunt and work at the Renault car factory.

In the meantime, he learned piano and wrote some of his first original compositions. He was back in Paris by year's end, and despite the Nazi occupation, he managed to publish two short poetry collections in In , Brassens was conscripted into the S. After a year in the S. Without much else to occupy him, Brassens spent his days composing songs and writing music, eventually teaching himself the guitar based on his prior experience with the mandolin. In , after the war had ended, Brassens published the first of a series of articles in the anarchist journal Le Libertaire. Brassens wrote much of his finest early work during the next few years, but found it difficult to place his material with anyone on the Parisian cabaret circuit.

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