Manual Catlips, Incorporated (Book 1 and 2)

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Overview Standing in the midst of the people she considered to be friends, Raquelle began to hyperventilate. She has no idea who to trust.

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She removed the glasses from her face and returned to the darkness. The price of sight was heftier than she was willing to pay, but she knew a decision had to be made and time was running out. Raquelle closed her eyes tightly and tried to imagine things as they were, back to where she lived in ignorance - blind to reality and to the world she had inadvertently become a part of.

The Rose Colored Glasses

But, she knew too much had happened for her to ever go back to what was. Still, she could not help but to think if it had not been for these glasses, she would not have been in this predicament.

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Blind psychologist Raquelle Eckles faces epic turmoil and dilemmas when she is left a magical pair of glasses by her therapist, who turns up missing, that allow her to see. On a quest to find her therapist, Raquelle discovers her newly found gift gives her the ability to see into people's souls, traveling with them to either heaven or hell.

With each travel she inadvertently shifts the balance between good and evil, leaving her to be a target for both sides wanting to harbor her gifts and use them to their advantage. In a battle to fight for her life and freedom from the glasses, she enlists the help of an archangel and a fallen angel but she soon discovers that not all gifts can be returned. Product Details About the Author. About the Author JayBee has been a dedicated reader ever since he could formulate a sentence. At the age of seven, JayBee was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes which brought JayBee to a place of insecurity, leaving him to feel lonely and misunderstood.

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He later found comfort in writing to himself. After discovering and reading Stephen King's, Carrie around age eight, JayBee became inspired to create his own short stories and works of poetry which earned him the highest praises from teachers and peers and awards at school. At age 11, when the first Harry Potter book was released, JayBee became engulfed with creativity, inspiring him to delve into his creativity. He was led down an impelling path to the genre of Fantasy where JayBee found his home.

Writing came as naturally to JayBee as breathing and was as engaging as any human interaction. It sometimes seemed as if his best conversations seemed to be between him, his pen and his paper. Together, they created a noise distinguishable in the midst of any sound. JayBee has been honing his writing craft in the Fantasy genre creating several original story concepts including his debut, The Rose Colored Glasses.

As a person of color and person living with ailments, JayBee uses his every day struggles not only as a coping mechanism, but as a voice of vindication, not only for himself, but for others who have felt their lives levied by imposing power. JayBee is currently in school obtaining his degree in Communications while working full-time for a large healthcare and health insurance company in New Jersey. Nicole DeFelice has been an avid reader since the age of three.

Writing her first short story at the age of eight, language and writing always came naturally to Nicole. She learned to write through instinct, eventually focusing primarily on poetry at age Throughout her studies, Nicole's gift was nurtured by her teachers and professors who recognized her natural gift. By age 22, she had written hundreds of poems.

However, Nicole's greatest work, which earned her a Master's Degree in Creative Writing, is Cira:: A Memoir, which chronicles her grandmother's life growing up deaf at the turn of the 20th Century. Translated from sign language, the completed manuscript was self-published in Nicole has nearly 20 years of experiecnce as a professional editor in various capacties and genres, includng travel, self-help, New Age, business, finance, and Eastern practices. Now working primarily as a college professor, Nicole continues to freelance edit, focusing predominatly on fiction, and is working on a novel.

Nicole is a life-long New Jersey resident, and currently resides in Bergen County with her husband Tom, her daughter, named after Nicole's grandmother, Cira, and their dog Mojo. Show More.